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Dreams on Fire

Ragin’ Racin’

There is nothing like the raw power, heat and allure of a fire. Or racing.

Friction, controlled and uncontrolled destruction, passion, flickering hope dancing toward the sky and dreams envisioned in the glow and breathing of red hot embers and white ash.

Checkers or wreckers is the mantra for the underdog racer trying to ignite a career from a burning passion. White knuckles on a worn steering wheel praying a metal machine right while physically turning left; praying for one more drift in a final turn toward glory on worn tires.

As the flames fan, flicker and fade, the fate of the racer blazes ahead toward infamy.

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Grief Healing & Racing Book

In honor of the launch of another NASCAR season, here’s a little book on grief and racing that I wrote a couple of summer’s ago.

Grief is Like Racing is short, picture book with a variety of healing pointers, tips and suggestions from a Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back …. ME!.

I have lost two infant children, my home, career and pride. In this book, I share my wisdom gained through a journey into healing and my love of auto racing.

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