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Life Story Tag Line

You’re writing your autobiography…
What’s your opening sentence?

I have been to Hell and Back So Often, I have Frequent Flyer Miles.

That pretty much sums it up. That’s the initial line in my autobiography or any movie that tells my life story.

I have been blessed to experience so many wonderful moments in my life including:

  • backpacking through Europe,
  • talking with Pope John Paul II,
  • playing basketball with Michael Jordan,
  • selected as the clinical site supervisor of the year in Illinois,
  • being adjunct faculty of the year and
  • getting my picture taken with the Stanley Cup!

And I have also experienced real heartbreak and pain including:

  • alcohol and drug addiction with over twenty years of recovery,
  • financial devastation, bankruptcy, and homelessness,
  • infidelity and near divorce, and
  • the death of two infant children.

My life story is full of ups and downs and that tag line says it all.