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Grief Healing & Racing Book

In honor of the launch of another NASCAR season, here’s a little book on grief and racing that I wrote a couple of summer’s ago.

Grief is Like Racing is short, picture book with a variety of healing pointers, tips and suggestions from a Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back …. ME!.

I have lost two infant children, my home, career and pride. In this book, I share my wisdom gained through a journey into healing and my love of auto racing.

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Start Your Engines

Well….Here we go again. Going down the only road I’ve ever know…..Why am I channeling White Snake? Nothing wrong with that. They are a kick ass band.

Another green flag is in the air. Pull those belts tight and hold on. This is my “homage” to The Daytona 500! Racin’ is back baby and it is time to cheer for your favorite team.

And as a side note to the action in FLA today…here comes another attempt to make my blog and my media hum along lap after lap. Yeah, maybe this time, the dream will be realized.

This blog features my insights on the art of healing and the power of mental wellness filtered through my personal experiences of loss and mayhem and my professional training as a licensed counselor. Hope you enjoy what is about to unfold.

In the mean time….