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Have a Cheerleader in Your Life

Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to have a cheerleader in their life!

A Cheerleader: that one individual in your life who truly believes that you can do no wrong; that one person who, no matter what you do, is always supportive, encouraging and in your corner ready to keep you from throwing in the towel.

Healing is a tough business. You are going to get knocked around and down so often you will at times feel as though it is better to stay down and die than to rise and attempt to fight another day. There is nothing more inspiring than someone in your life who truly cheers for you. Waves YOUR freak flag and shouts YOUR name.

A cheerleader does not judge, instruct, give advice or even attempt to do things for you. Nope. The cheerleader encourages with words and random acts of kindness like a cup of coffee when needed or a lunch invitation. They don’t solve your problems or even tell you that you have problems. They simple love: unconditionally. That, my friends, is a rare, rare person and if you are ever so fortunate to have a cheerleader in your life HOLD ON TO THAT PERSON. Then again, a true cheerleader will understand when you are cranky or blast a “grief outburst” in their direction. They don’t care. Because they love you no matter what.

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You MUST heal YOU!

At the end of the day, the only person who can help you heal from the crises or life storms that have entered your life, wreaked havoc and then moved on, is:


During the onset of a life storm or shortly thereafter the people in your life will gather around you, offer support and encouragement, THEN they eventually get back to their primary job: running their own lives.

When that happens, you need to get down to the business of creating and managing your personalized healing plan.

No one knows what you need to mend and heal from those life storms that destroyed your life except for you. Your personality, temperament and life story are unique to you and thus you are the only one who truly understands what it is going to take to help you clean-up the debris of the life mend what has been broken by the storm and move in new directions away from the storm’s epicenter. My wife and I suffered through the exact same crises. However, we are two unique individuals with different likes, dislikes, needs, wants and talents different personalities, temperaments and Life stories prior to the life storms hitting our joined lives. There is no way the two of us can grieve (a.k.a. heal) identically. I need to do my healing and she her healing.

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How Anger is Made

Or Listen to This Post

Welcome to The Church of Anger! If you’re seeking healing then you have come to the right place. Take a seat and let’s rock.

Anger can be the easiest or most familiar way we attempt to get our needs met, which is why you and I return to anger over and over again. We want our needs met and we want them met, NOW!

When we act (behavior), shit happens.

It is cause and effect.

The Bullshit of Life” (an outcome of our behavior) is neither good nor bad; right nor wrong. “The Bullshit of Life” is just that: Bullshit!

The Bullshit of Life” can belong to:

  • you,
  • your lover or spouse,
  • your boss,
  • your friends,
  • your children and/or
  • anyone for that matter – including the hot chick at the gym that you believe is “checking you out” –

anyone with whom you are connected in some way as you lead your life and engage in the world around you.

The Bullshit of Life” is THE reason you lose your spouse, scare your kids, get fired from your job, get your house foreclosed upon, have your car repossessed and have NO friends. “The Bullshit of Life” is THE reason people attend my anger workshops, seminars, listen to my radio shows, and participate in therapy groups.

Our lives turn to shit for one reason: the outcomes of our anger behaviors are ineffective and unhealthy!

The ineffective and unhealthy outcomes of our behaviors or everyone: “The Bullshit of Life” are the focus of this book. When we act, our behaviors can lead to these dramatic, life altering, ineffective and unhealthy outcomes including (yet not limited to) our:

  • marriage ending,
  • children fearing us,
  • boss firing our sorry ass,
  • friends leaving us behind and
  • local police arresting our dumb-ass.

There are many, many more ineffective and unhealthy outcomes that could be listed here.

Add your own outcome:

What “The Bullshit of Life” event led to you reading this blog post?


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