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The Dichotomy of Messaging

We all love a great post, tweet or pic of an inspiration message.

What happens when those message contradict?

Makes Sense. Motivates People to Be Future Focused

What about this Dr. Bite cartoon?

Makes Sense As Well….

Both cartoons have a valid point designed to help people learn how to live mentally well and take advantage of specific psychological fitness skills. One suggests a future focus is the way to go while another suggests that the past offers lessons worth learning.

Neither is wrong or misleading. You can agree with one and not the other. Your choice.


Like so many posts, tweets, pics and more that we find on the internet, these cartoons as standalone guides or recommendations for mentally well living are a single point of view. “A” way of looking at and approaching life. Not “THE” way.

The goal, when it comes to living mentally well and leveraging psychological fitness skills, is to take all of the information you come across, consider it’s worth, and validity decide if it ‘works for you’ then either keep the “advice” or toss it aside.

There is NO ONE single way to improve the quality of your life and live mentally well.

There is ONLY your way, the way that works best for you.