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How Anger is Made

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Welcome to The Church of Anger! If you’re seeking healing then you have come to the right place. Take a seat and let’s rock.

Anger can be the easiest or most familiar way we attempt to get our needs met, which is why you and I return to anger over and over again. We want our needs met and we want them met, NOW!

When we act (behavior), shit happens.

It is cause and effect.

The Bullshit of Life” (an outcome of our behavior) is neither good nor bad; right nor wrong. “The Bullshit of Life” is just that: Bullshit!

The Bullshit of Life” can belong to:

  • you,
  • your lover or spouse,
  • your boss,
  • your friends,
  • your children and/or
  • anyone for that matter – including the hot chick at the gym that you believe is “checking you out” –

anyone with whom you are connected in some way as you lead your life and engage in the world around you.

The Bullshit of Life” is THE reason you lose your spouse, scare your kids, get fired from your job, get your house foreclosed upon, have your car repossessed and have NO friends. “The Bullshit of Life” is THE reason people attend my anger workshops, seminars, listen to my radio shows, and participate in therapy groups.

Our lives turn to shit for one reason: the outcomes of our anger behaviors are ineffective and unhealthy!

The ineffective and unhealthy outcomes of our behaviors or everyone: “The Bullshit of Life” are the focus of this book. When we act, our behaviors can lead to these dramatic, life altering, ineffective and unhealthy outcomes including (yet not limited to) our:

  • marriage ending,
  • children fearing us,
  • boss firing our sorry ass,
  • friends leaving us behind and
  • local police arresting our dumb-ass.

There are many, many more ineffective and unhealthy outcomes that could be listed here.

Add your own outcome:

What “The Bullshit of Life” event led to you reading this blog post?


Your answer here:

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Mood Improver: Singing

Bob Zima, Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back, teaches you some new mental wellness tricks through the powerful medicine of singing.

Sing yourself into hap, hap, happy mood and leave all of that God forsaken and awful anxiety and depression behind.

And you can suck, as be does, at singing. It doesn’t matter. I suck. Yet I continue to sing and improve my mood. Make today Operaette Day. Sing everything you say. You can’t stay down or anxious when you are singing everything that you say.

And when you make up your own little songs you doubling down by leveraging the most powerful mind technique available to your for coping and problem solving….imagination.

Get those creative juices flowing and anything is possible.