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Do You

You know that phrase, “You, Do You”? Do you? Do You? I don’t I sure try. I sometimes have issues “Doing Me.” Odd, since I am a cocky, at times arrogant guy, yet I sometimes lack self-confidence. Sometimes I don’t do me I do the me others want me to do. And that sucks. For […]

Keepin’ Your Cool

Ever need to just keep your cool? Sure you have. Not a pleasant experience sometimes, keeping you cool that is, yet if you can pull it off, life is so much better than if you lost your cool, went all ape shit or ‘Will Smith’ on someone or something. Speaking of Will Smith, I am […]

The Prickly Adventures of Saguaro Man

Sometimes, we can feel a little bit prickly. You know what I mean. We can feel a bit agitated. A bit frustrated! A bit annoyed. That’s OK. It’s natural. It’s Normal. It’s Human. However, your actions, you know the behaviors you leverage to express your prickliness are ON YOU. Yep, you are RESPONSIBLE for the […]