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Join Karaoke Counselor, Bobby Corona, for an hour of wacky insights and healing ideas as he sings his recommendations for improved Mental Wellness. Yeah, it’s that weird.

10 Anger Truths

Anger is a set of behaviors that can include yelling, kicking, fighting, drinking, drugging, cheating and so on. Any word ending in ING is a verb and behaviors are verbs. Everyone uses anger behaviors at one time or another because we have learned that they “work.” Anger behaviors can be justified, are usually rationalized and […]

Jibe-Ho, Everyone

I may not be a sailor but I do have an unhealthy fetish with pirates. When it comes to taking risks, trying new things, engaging in new adventures, all in the name of healing, the first thing we need to realize is that risk taking requires a strong sense of self-concept or self-esteem. In other […]

The Dichotomy of Messaging

We all love a great post, tweet or pic of an inspiration message. What happens when those message contradict? What about this Dr. Bite cartoon? Both cartoons have a valid point designed to help people learn how to live mentally well and take advantage of specific psychological fitness skills. One suggests a future focus is […]

Grief is Healing

Let’s take a backward approach to this life lesson. Sometimes to understand how you arrived at a location it is helpful to trace your steps backwards. Grief is the natural healing process for trauma. Trauma is the automatic emotional (hurt and fear) and physical reactions we experience when our mind imagines or recalls (i.e. memory) […]

Grief Can Be Wonderful

If You Find the Right People, Grief Can Be Wonderful. Yes Wonderfully Healing Grief, the art of healing from trauma generated by thinking about a really bad day, week, month or year, is bipolar: individualized and communal. We all have a natural style of grieving. Just as our bodies heal naturally and according to the […]

Mixing The Three Primary Emotions

One of the key psychological fitness skills we can develop to improve mental wellness is our ability to understand how mixing the three primary emotions (happy-sad-scared) drives a deeper, more vibrant emotional experience. For more on this…check out this video:

3 Primary Emotions

One of the most important psychological fitness skills we can develop to improve mental wellness is the ability to be mindful and aware of our emotional experience then communicate that effectively with other people.


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