Welcome to The Show

Let’s be perfectly honest….the art and activity of a professional and an individual gathering for the purpose of improving mental wellness and acquiring psychological fitness skills is known as counseling, therapy or psychology. Counseling, therapy or psychology was created by older, white men specifically for white, wealthy women who had the time to sit and discuss their issues. Then Mental Wellness and the notion that Psychological Fitness, just like physical fitness, grew to include a lot more than just some older academics and people with time on their hands. In fact, counseling, therapy or psychology grew into an INDUSTRY and a medical discipline available to all.

And today, voila, counseling training programs incorporate diversity and cultural awareness – which is needed and a darn good thing – into curriculum. Counseling, therapy or psychology is now available to all…who WANT it that is. We do try to ‘force’ it on people who NEED it yet don’t WANT it and that is of course a disaster. Then we (professionals in the psychological industry in ‘Merica) act all surprised when someone who didn’t want counseling doesn’t benefit from counseling or doesn’t engage in counseling.

The modern counseling, therapy or psychology industry here in ‘Merica is dominated by women. Gone are the old, white, academic males. 75% of the practicing clinicians identify as women; not a bad thing since 86% of the “registered” clients in the US are WOMEN (ACA, 2010). Read More.

Thus men don’t engage in the process of gaining and maintaining mental wellness. Men remain angry. Men remain depressed and anxious. Men continue to drink and drug and have sex to escape or want MORE sex making things tense in a relationship or two. And the people around men suffer as well.Yep, it’s messed up.

This blog is dedicated to the notion that Men’s Mental Wellness and Psychological Fitness are achieved by

  • a cranium-rectum extraction and
  • getting you ass off of the couch and engaging with people and in life for the purpose of achieving of getting the life you want and desire.

Men’s Mental Health and Psychological Fitness require unique approaches due to this unique group of people.

Welcome. Enjoy the show.

The Car Makes the Man

For most of us men gathering toys and collecting things is a lifelong passion. Some of us collect things cars while others collect people or coins or rage for a title or position at a given company in a specific industry. The size of our home, bank account and the collection of “toys” ahd “trophies” says many things about the man who has assembled the collection.

The emotional “protection money” is a big payout when it comes to gaining and maintaining toys and trophies. And most guys don’t even know that they are investing boat loads of cognitive, emotional and behavioral capital into their efforts to keep that boat or house or car or plane or job or friends or girlfriends and so on and so on.