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Best, Worst, and Most Likely 

One of the reasons many of us experience anxiety is because our imagination create worst-case scenarios. When our brain creates a movie that contains scenes featuring our life AND those scenes HAVE NOT happened and MAY NEVER happen, our imagination is playing with us. When our imagination is allowed to run rampant, our stress response […]

Fun at the Right Pace

One psychological fitness strategy that a lot of people over look is the ability to have FUN at the right pace. Sounds easy, yet most people have difficulty scheduling and then taking time to focus on FUN for the sake of FUN at a PACE that is just right for relaxation to set in and […]

Keep It Elastic

When in a relationship with someone who can, let’s just say, be a bit up and down with their emotional expressiveness, the key psychological fitness skill you want to develop is elasticity. Keeping it bungie baby. Meaning, that when you are connected to another and that connection has the flexibility of a steel, you, like […]

Mental Health is ALL YOU

When it comes to YOUR mental health there is only one person who can drive and impact it: YOU. No kidding?! You knew that. Too often we want others to ‘improve’ or ‘do better.’ We believe that if our wife/husband, kids, boss, parents, friends all did what THEY NEED TO DO, our lives would be […]


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