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The Three Amigos: Skills for Health

Welcome back to the blog everybody! Here is a new video I’ve posted on my YouTube channel about the big three, or the three amigos, which are coping, problem solving, and communication skills. These three big skill categories can make the difference between having a life of satisfaction and fulfilling relationships or chaos and stress. […]

Healing at Cruising Altitude

As a Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back I am very familiar with the concept of cruising at 35,000 feet. That awesome feeling of gliding along without much of a care in the world or any effort. Sometimes though we can be “fooled” by our aircraft and our healing process. Years ago, when my daughter […]

On The Road to Health

In-Flight Entertainment welcomes you to Marauder Radio starring Bob Zima, Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back. This podcast features Bob’s quirky insights and lessons learned from having to reinvent, reboot and rebuild his life at least TWICE now…all due to the “Bullsh!t of Life.” On today’s show, Bob discusses The simple yet complicated path to […]

Reasons We Get Angry

Hello everybody and welcome to the beautiful Grumpy Gator Cafe! In this radio episode Bob discusses several reasons why most of us walking this rock will occasionally get angry. Buckle up for a satirical roller coaster ride into the psyche of the human being about ready to get really pissed off.

Burn The Golden Rule…It Is Toxic

We’ve all heard of the golden rule? Correct?  If it’s in your playbook, rip it out right now, tear it up, light it on fire, do whatever you have to do to get rid of it because the golden rule is toxic. The golden rule does not build relationships. Rather it indulges our own sense […]

Quit Solving Other People’s Problems 

If there’s one reason some of us become annoyed, become angrier and then enraged it is because other people, who should be grateful, bowing at the ankles to us, don’t appreciate the problem-solving genius and innovation that many of us possess. How dare these infantile friends, family, and coworkers, whom we are trying to help with our utter genius, […]

Be Happy Not Right

All too often we find ourselves agitated and pissed-off and frustrated because we choose to be right versus choosing to be happy. In this video I discussed why we sometimes choosing to be right, pushing our agenda, needing to make sure everyone knows how genius we are verses of course choosing to be happy by […]

Anger or Passion?

I’m not angry I’m passionate. I’m not angry I’m just expressing, cathartically, maybe even satirically, my passion. I am trying to motivate myself to do something impressive. Is there a difference between anger behaviors and a dramatic or cathartic or satirical display of passion for intrinsic motivation? Of course there is! We usually intuitively “know” […]

Power of Immediacy and Empathy in Communications

Bob Zima, Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back, discusses the powers of two psychological fitness skills designed to help you improve your mental wellness by engaging in healthy and effective communications.

Release the Pressure, Decrease the Anger

Anger, which is the sound of hurt and fear leaving our soul, is a behavior. When someone is angry, man, furious, frustrated or whatever other word we use to describe that someone is angry, we’re usually referring to the fact that they are yelling, screaming, drinking, drugging, fighting, breaking things, throwing things, cheating and so on. All of these […]


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