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Have a Cheerleader in Your Life

Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to have a cheerleader in their life!

A Cheerleader: that one individual in your life who truly believes that you can do no wrong; that one person who, no matter what you do, is always supportive, encouraging and in your corner ready to keep you from throwing in the towel.

Healing is a tough business. You are going to get knocked around and down so often you will at times feel as though it is better to stay down and die than to rise and attempt to fight another day. There is nothing more inspiring than someone in your life who truly cheers for you. Waves YOUR freak flag and shouts YOUR name.

A cheerleader does not judge, instruct, give advice or even attempt to do things for you. Nope. The cheerleader encourages with words and random acts of kindness like a cup of coffee when needed or a lunch invitation. They don’t solve your problems or even tell you that you have problems. They simple love: unconditionally. That, my friends, is a rare, rare person and if you are ever so fortunate to have a cheerleader in your life HOLD ON TO THAT PERSON. Then again, a true cheerleader will understand when you are cranky or blast a “grief outburst” in their direction. They don’t care. Because they love you no matter what.

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Marauder Radio on TV Episode 2

In-Flight Entertainment welcomes you to Marauder Radio starring Bob Zima, Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back. This podcast features the Bob’s quirky insights and lessons learned from having to reinvent, reboot and rebuild his life at least TWICE now…all due to the “Bullsh!t of Life.”

Go behind the scenes and watch Bob prepared for Marauder Radio, his podcast, and perform the ‘Bob’casts or podcast episodes that featuring The Anarchy of Healing from pain and panic.

Welcome to Marauder Radio, Bob’s Pirate Radio for The Anarchy of Healing

For ‘Bob’cast episodes of Marauder Radio visit the podcast’s home page.