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The Power of Story: DIY

Tried to Remodel a Bathroom…What a Cluster!

I was full of ideas, dreams, and energy. I could see my finished work of art in my head. I could read the story and profile of Bob’s Amazing Bathroom in Architectural Digest. I was a Legend in My Own Mind! Always dangerous.

Then I started in on my project.

I planned.

I bought some tools.

I watched some videos.

Demoed the old bathroom. That was fun, cathartic, and easy.

Pivoting to the “reno” and feeling good about what I had already completed I started the floor tiling and drywall installation complete with mudding and taping. I learned I could speak the lingo but that was about it.

Ever follow a recipe you printed from Pinterest and the picture looks better than the slop you just concocted? Yes, I know the stupefying sensation. That feeling of frustration was complete with the eye-opening reality of the level of lack of skills to finish AND started the project.

I quickly learned, when doing my bathroom, why it is always a good idea to hire people who know what the hell they are doing. Plumbers, Electricians, Cardiac Thoracic Surgeons, Counselors…

I quickly got over the internal lashing I start giving myself over the lack of home improvement skills. I acknowledged that I am not good at this stuff. I don’t have the ability and that’s ok.

I am good at many things and redoing a bathroom is NOT one of them. No big whoop. Accept, embrace my skills and abilities means improved mental wellness.

Now, when I need things done around the house I call a pro. I don’t engage in dreams of grandeur. I don’t fancy myself as a great contractor. I accept my limitations, pick up the phone and call a pro.

Oh, and by the way, I have clients who are in the trades. So when they need to, if they call a pro, I can do the same.


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