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Lightening Striking AGAIN!

Not really lightening.

More like a heavy build up of ice.

Yet Another Tree Hits the House!

Another one of my oak tress took a shot at my house.

I was preparing for bed when around 10:45 pm I head a thud and knew IMMEDIATELY what it was: a tree.

Turns out it was just a limb. Yet a limb can do some real damage and make quit the sound.

Since there is POWER in our stories and there is power in this story (btw the power went out in my neighborhood the same evening and was out for about twelve hours) I choose to tell this tale and the tales yet to come in a way that empowers me, stabilizes my emotions, and helps me survive yet another unwanted outcome reserved for those of us who own our own homes.

I have said to my wife upon selling this wonderful property that I want to RENT so that I don’t have to be emotionally and financially responsible for shit like this. It brings me great comfort knowing that if I was renting this is my Landlord’s issue not mine. Yet in this story I do play the role of the land owner and so this mess is mine to manage and cope with.

As the writer/producer/director of my own life story, I can think, “FUCK! Why did this happen to me again?!” Or I can think, “Crap, that could have been SO MUCH worse.” And think, “Well, since I have been through the whole insurance claim thing and repair before, I am smarter and better at dealing with this little tragedy.”

We all have the power to think about life, the adventures as well as shit storms that we find ourselves in, in a manner of our choosing. If we use that power well, our emotional stability and mental wellness are balanced and we function. We can solve problems. Cope. and thrive not just survive. If not, grab on because the roller coaster that is life is dragging you up the lift hill.


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