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Two Weeks In

It is hard to imagine that just two short weeks ago I had an eight hour open heart surgery. It is also hard to imagine just how much recovery I have accomplished and have yet to accomplish. Recovery takes time. And that time can be a curse or blessing.

In my first two weeks, I have watched a lot of television, spent quality time with my wife and daughter and made a few meals. I have also played video games and gone for walks around the neighborhood and in the house. I have a goal of taking more and more steps each day. I am up to 3500 steps daily. Steady and sure.

I have done some “work” as I have continued my education related to my profession via attending webinars and self study. I try to “work” each morning and I leave the afternoons to binging movies, watching new reality shows, playing video games, doze while watching tv and spending time with my animals. I slso complete my breathing exercises for lung strength and walk about the house in between shows and games and interactions with my dogs and cats.

I have found sleeping and showering easier with each passing day and the pain has subsided to dull breastbone pressure with the occasional shooting pain from my broken sternum. Although my ability to remain focus and concentrate for more than two hours still needs time to come back on line, I find that am not bored with the task rather fatigued mentally. Like my body needing time to heal so does my mind.

Three weeks yet to go, if I follow the plan designed to get me pretty much back to my “regularly scheduled life“. Tomorrow, I see my cardiologist and we will see if my experience and evaluation of my recovery matches theirs.


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