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Final Work Day

Well, today is the last day that I will officially function as a licensed clinical professional counselor. All this week I’ve been working with a few of the clients to whom I provide counseling services as well as consultative services. Many have been gracious and offered kind words and prayers for my upcoming open-heart surgery. I had one individual tell me, “Bob, there’s no reason for you to rush back as much as we enjoy your services!” This of course made me wonder are my clients more insightful than I? Either way it doesn’t matter because I greatly appreciate their insight, their confidence in sharing it, their graciousness in their concern, and value the connection and relationship we have made. 

At 5:00 o’clock PM today, Friday, January 27th 2023, I’ll put a pin in Bob Zima Counseling and Consulting and pivot towards thinking about myself, my health, my future. At 6:00 PM today I have an appointment for a therapeutic, full body, deep tissue massage. I cannot think of any better way than to start to pivot and focus on myself other than getting a massage. 

Tomorrow my family start to descend upon the city of Chicago from points West and South. Right after picking up family members, we will head to the hospital for some additional testing required for the surgery. Then it will be back to the house for casual rest and relaxation during which time we will eat, drink, be merry, play games, watch TV, and sleep. 

Having that insight about myself I knew the most difficult times of this process were going to be the Saturday, Sunday, Monday before the surgery. So, I’ve chosen to surround myself with those whom I love, those who bring me happiness and joy, and we’ll make every attempt to just simply relax and hang out. 


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