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Missed It By THAT Much

Writing the story of my life is a full-time job.

Coping with the reality that the scenes I carefully chose and focused on producing, ensuring those scenes made it into the pitch deck and ultimately on the storyboard and then into the final edit of the film, ARE CUT and replaced with new scenes is also a full-time job.

I can write great, passionate and moving scenes only to find that they don’t make the cut.


I hate when that happens.

I work so hard. Have such great ideas and so desperately want THOSE scenes in my narrative.

And looked forward to playing out those scenes and adding them to the story of my life.

My scenes hitting the editing room floor can lead to behavioral responses that I don’t like or find that I make automatically and then I spend the day wondering why I made that choice, trying to figure out how to avoid making that choice the next time.

When something misses by THAT MUCH….I can get depressed and anxious. I know. Write better scenes Bob.

I also wonder, when the scenes that I chose and focused on made the movie of my life fall short does that mean that the scenes that did make the cut, that I didn’t write, are no good or worthless?

Perhaps. Yet that line of thinking leads to days of moping around and anxiously pacing, worried that I will not get my life story back on MY track. And that sucks. No one wants that.

I may not have written what happened, yet I can write HOW I respond to the script changes.

Choosing HOW to respond then focusing on my new scenes, inspired by the scenes I didn’t write, allows me to be creative, relevant and I get out of that funk that I am in. I stop moping. I stop pacing. I stop wondering what if or if only.


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