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Sparking Motivation

People will often say that they lack the motivation to do: ________________________ (Fill in the Blank).

Chicago Botanical Garden Lightscape. Pitjaya Artist.

Is this you? If so, here’s how to get the spicket of motivation, imagination and innovation flowing in you mind, soul and life.

The issue with motivation is that it requires HOPE. Hope is an emotion

The thing with hope is that it requires FAITH. Faith is basically cognitive rooted deeply in our core values, beliefs and biases.

The thing with faith is that it requires INSPIRATION, an external source that sparks our mind to generate faith.

When faith is ignited, hope flows through our soul and motivates us to achieve our dreams and aspirations.

Ask yourself what do you wish for, dream of, want, desire?

What are you trying to motivate yourself to achieve?

Find the external inspiration you need to ignite your faith in your abilities, skills, and talents to release the flow of hope that will fuel your motivation to go out at get shit done.

Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate.

Just do it.

Believe in you, feel the flight of hope and go get that life you have always wanted.


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