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Changes on the Horizon

Welcome to my Heart 2 Heart Series featuring existential reflections of the narratives of my heart stories and those of my children and how these stories impact me, my wife, family & friends. Glad you have joined me on this introspective journey.

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Me at My Doc’s Office and They Have Hockey Stuff So I am a Happy Camper.

All the way back in 1965, when I was born on the first day of the new year, a life time of heart related medical dramas were sprinkled into my life script, unbeknownst to me. Those dramas and traumas would become the journeys and adventures I would and WILL face and offer me the chance to suck it up and live life or dig a hole and drawl in.

In March 1971 at the ripe old age of six (6), I underwent open heart surgery to correct two congenital defects: (1) a pulmonary stenosis and (2) a ventricular septal defect. The docs waited until 1971 because the procedures to correct these congenital defects was not developed until 1970.

I remember the surgery, hospital stay and some of the procedures that I endured as a kid. I remember my parents visiting me in the hospital. I remember my post surgical recovery. Half daized and overlooking the City of Chicago all aglow as it was night and I clung to “Prince Froggy”, a homemade stuffed animal I was given by the nursing staff.

For years, I lived a ‘normal‘ life. Don’t like that word ‘normal.’ All I know is that ‘normal‘ is the setting on a dryer. Yet, I played football, ran track, participated in school plays, flirted with girls and rejected and built a group of friends as I made my way through the mayhem of Catholic school (grammar and high school) and college. Albeit in college I pretty much forgot about my heart history and challenges and I lived life hard both in the US and overseas in Italy at the Loyola University Rome Center.

When I was 25 and decided that it was time to once again pay attention to my heart history and narrative, a cardiologist casually informed me that when I was “in my fifties” I would need to have the defects once again ‘looked at‘ and maybe even replaced. When I digested that piece of info, I was a bit taken aback yet thought, “my fifties? Shit! That’s double my current life span.” So I filed it and didn’t give it a hole hell of a lot of thought.

Well, I am almost 58 and the clock is striking twelve.

After a series of quality of life downturns and a rigorously lived life that has been slowed due to ‘symptoms‘ of right-side heart failure, it is time to open the hood and make some corrections and repairs to my ticker.

On January 31, 2023 I will undergo my second open heart surgery. Oh, boy.

I plan on blogging my thoughts between now and then and during my recovery via my blog. May even do podcasts and some videos. We will see.



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My Open Heart Surgery


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6 thoughts on “Changes on the Horizon

  1. I am myself why I look at social media. Well, seeing your post reminded me of one of the good things about social media.
    You will be in my thoughts Bob. Sending you good energy and good spirit. Take care of yourself.


  2. Back in the late 80’s I knew you as a committed and strong person. I know those traits will get you through this up coming surgery and recovery. Sending you positive thoughts.


    1. Thank you Joe! Very much appreciate the kind words and the positive vibes. Have a wonderful holiday season and I hope our paths cross again soon.


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