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Fun at the Right Pace

One psychological fitness strategy that a lot of people over look is the ability to have FUN at the right pace. Sounds easy, yet most people have difficulty scheduling and then taking time to focus on FUN for the sake of FUN at a PACE that is just right for relaxation to set in and stress to melt away.

Being Recreational means that you are engaging in an activity that you “do” for the “soul” purpose of having fun and because you enjoy that activity.

Being Leisurely means that you are moving at a pace that ushers in relaxation and cleanses your soul of toxic stress.

So, a stroll on the beach or in a park is both recreational in that it is an activity that you may engage in for FUN and tends to be at a leisurely or slower pace then when you are trying to catch a plan, train or bus because you are late for a meeting.

Having fun at the right pace is vital for your overall mental wellness. Developing the psychological fitness skills to have fun at the right pace takes planning and practice. Oh, and some determination. And grace for yourself in that you allow yourself to have FUN at the RIGHT PACE.

Make a list of all of the things that you LOVE to do. Give yourself a good 15 minutes to create the list. Don’t filter and/or edit yourself. Just write.

After 15 minutes (the list is NEVER really complete as you will add new activities over the course of your life) next to each activity write a “S” for a slow paced activity like walking, laying on the beach, fishing, reading, attending a ball game, etc, a “M” for moderately paced for kayaking, jogging, tennis, hiking, boating, etc and a “F” for Fast paced for biking, skydiving, playing basketball, etc.

Look at your list.

Then look at your daily schedule.

Add at least ONE FUN item from your “I love to do this” list to each of the days on your schedule – hint: there should be seven (7) days. When you have more open time, add a second FUN item yet make sure that you mix up the pace of the activities if you are recreational twice in one day.

For good overall mental wellness, we need recreational activities daily. And we also need the variety of pace on given days and through out the week. So….get busy.


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