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Healing: It Ain’t for Wimps

I’m here to talk to you about my book: Healing, It Ain’t for Wimps!

Now available at

When life ain’t working for you, has given you a big, old shit sandwich to chew on, is caving in and falling apart, it’s time to heal.

It’s time to get your head out of your ass. It’s time for a cranium rectum extraction.

Then get your ass off the couch and take personal responsibility for your healing.

That’s what my new book is about.

Only the strong get-up from the gates of Hell after they’ve been dragged there kicking and screaming; or perhaps, YOU drove that ’63 greyhound bus with your hair on fire, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, driving like a back to hell with your family and friends along for the ride.

Or perhaps your world got turned upside down by no fault of your own: death of a loved one, illness, layoff or divorce. Life events that dragged kicking and screaming to the gates of Hell.

The question is do you get yourself up, dust yourself off, give the Devil the one finger salute, turn and seek healing?

Or do you set-up shop at the gates of Hell?

That’s what healing is all about! Right? It’s not about what happened to you. It’s not about why the fit hit the Shan. It’s about how you respond.

And that’s what my new book Healing, It Ain’t for Wimps is all about.

My New Book


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