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The Anger Cure

If you know me, you know that psychologically, I don’t believe that there is a “cure” for anger and/or any other mental wellness issue like anxiety, depression or addiction. There are skills that we can learn, practice and utilize that help us better manage and navigate the ups and downs, back and forths, lefts and rights of life….but a cure? Oh, hell no.

A life without any anxiety, depression, and/or anger is called DEATH. No life at all if you ask me.

Mental Wellness is about getting your head out of your ass and then getting you ass off of the couch and living. A cranium-rectum extraction is tricky and requires mad skills. And taking risks and getting ‘out there’ also takes mad skills. It’s a trial and error approach to creating a repertoire of skills that become a ‘strategy’ and help you to live and enjoy a mentally well balanced and healthy life.

One of the best psychological fitness skills I learned, practice and leverage when I become agitated, aggravated and want to avoid an anger episode, during which I act like a complete loon and a-hole and usually destroy a relationship or something vital to me getting my needs met and enjoying life, is the following technique:

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