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Why ALL the Drama?

So, I have been looking into TikTok and YouTube as I am interested in using my video production and teaching/speaking skills to promote mental wellness. Prior to becoming a licensed counselor I worked in radio and television.

When I look at TikTok and Youtube videos, I am troubled by the overly dramatic and Shakespearian feel to many of the videos that focus on disease, dysfunction and disorder and not the real measure of mental wellness which is the ability to deal with and manage the bullshit of life.

Mental Wellness is NOT about saying you have anxiety or being able to articulate WHY you have anxiety. Mental Wellness is about how you manage and how you overcome the symptoms known as anxiety. How you preserver and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Mental Wellness is NOT about your anger or why you became angry. Mental Wellness is about how you are able get what you want and need without resorting to certain behaviors, that have worked in the past, and are no longer effective and/or healthy.

Mental Wellness is NOT about what you have, why you have it or what happened to you to give it to you. Mental Wellness is about HOW you respond to what has happened to you, what you may or may not have and why you have what it is that you have be it depression, anxiety or anger and addiction issues.

Mental Wellness is about getting your head out of your ass and your ass off of the couch and DOING something to improve the quality of your life, relationships, career and dreams. Doing something each and every day.

Mental Wellness is about putting in the work, hard work, for the purpose of improving you life.


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