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Getting Back in the Saddle

After a two-plus week trek to the great southeast of ‘Merica, I am getting back into the saddle of offering counseling, coaching and consulting services. Not to mention creating content on how to improve your mental wellness and psychological fitness via blogs, videos, podcasts and more.

I love this shirt that I bought at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. My kind of humor and it tells a story.

When it comes to healing, putting in the work to deal with the Bullshit of Life, you need: Story Telling and Humor. The ability to tell your stories (past, present and future) as well as being able to laugh and find the lighter-side of any story are critical in securing our overall mental wellness

Healing is difficult enough. Building a great routine of psychological fitness skills for the purpose of improving the overall quality of your life is not easy and you might as well have some fun when trying to do it.

On this blog, I discuss my approaches to healing and hope that your sharing in my healing adventures and grieving processes you pick up something of value and then integrate that nugget into your very own mental wellness approach.

Now that I have unkinked my rope, taken much needed time off, I am once again ready to focus on my mission of promoting mental wellness and debunking the psychological industry here in ‘Merica.


Counselor, Satirist, Podcaster, Author, Professor, Speaker, Father and Husband

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