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THAT Part of My Journey

Have you ever noticed how some parts of a journey are more exciting than others?

Las Vegas Blvd.

Sometimes the scenery, traffic and “excitement” gets really interesting and/or mind blowing while other times the scenery and the world around us gets, well, boring. Dull. Unbearable.

That is the way life is. Right?

Sometimes we experience exciting and adventurous parts of our journey during which our imagination is captivated and the spark of inspiration strikes. We seem ‘more motivated’ and better equipped to deal with the bullshit of life.

And other times, well, we fear painful death of boredom tracked by a thousand grains of sand slowly slipping through an endless hourglass. The dentist’s office perhaps is such a destination on life’s journey where this has occurred for you? Or an airport terminal.

So what do we do about that?

Can we do anything about it?

Do we have control over the fun, the adventure and the dry and the boring? Can we just think out way our of boredom and grueling dullness?

I like to think that I can do.

And I know that I have control over how I respond to gruelingly dull and how I tolerate boredom. And maybe that is the focus. Not adventure versus boring rather how I choose to respond when one or the other is present in my life.

Maybe adventure and boring are states of being driven by my ability to manage the manner in which I look at and accept the world around me.


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