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Anger or Passion?

I’m not angry I’m passionate.

I’m not angry I’m just expressing, cathartically, maybe even satirically, my passion. I am trying to motivate myself to do something impressive.

Is there a difference between anger behaviors and a dramatic or cathartic or satirical display of passion for intrinsic motivation?

Of course there is!

We usually intuitively “know” the difference based on the situation. Situational awareness often dictates the difference between “passion” and raw anger. In a sporting event, for example, competitors express their emotiond through cathartic and expressive behavior we may call “passion”. In that moment, the passionate competitor fears losing. In that moment, the competitor senses the disappointment of losing creeping in as doubt replaces faith.

Anger, on the other hand, is behavior expressing hurt and/or fear, the same as passion, yet anger’s intention is to manipulate or control. That is the biggest difference between passion and anger. Passion does not seek to control another, rather its intent is to intrinsicly motivate the one who is expressing themselves through a rather aggressive or anger like behavior.

Maybe I am wrong! It happens. No problem with it.

I think for those of us who enjoy sports we love Angry passion love can be shown in the heat of competition. This is why I love hockey, NASCAR and other physically aggressive sports that balance aggression and skill.

We know the difference when that behavior is about motivating oneself verses about controlling or manipulating another.


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