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Release the Pressure, Decrease the Anger

Anger, which is the sound of hurt and fear leaving our soul, is a behavior. When someone is angry, man, furious, frustrated or whatever other word we use to describe that someone is angry, we’re usually referring to the fact that they are yelling, screaming, drinking, drugging, fighting, breaking things, throwing things, cheating and so on. All of these words that describe what someone is doing and in ING. Words that end in ING are verbs. Verbs are behaviors. Verbs are actions. Therefore, anger is behavioral. 

In the video below I discuss a technique for reducing the pressure, that often builds due to stress, which is a single word to describe the combination of anxiety and depression, for the purpose of eliminating the likelihood of an anger outburst. If we reduce the pressure throughout the day, through a series of activities, then we are likely to avoid becoming angry. If we avoid becoming angry, we improve the quality of our own mental Wellness and the relationships we have in our lives. 


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