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After a period of time off, well if I’m being honest, after a time of having to focus more on generating money van being creative, I’ve decided to rededicate myself and begin to focus more on my creative talents and desires.

In Vegas Baby.

For most of my life, I have enjoyed writing, creating podcasts, speaking and performing.

Yet for most of my life, I’ve always tryied to figure out “what it is I’m trying to say”. What is “my style’ my tone.” I have spent so much time focusing on my brand or the “how to” than the actual doing. This had led to a lack of progress towards simply doing what it is I like to do. And that of course, means that I’m in a Perpetual state of paralysis leading to a lack of satisfaction being creative offers me.

Well, as they say, something has to change. Or something is going to break. That changes coming in the fall of 2021.


Counselor, Satirist, Podcaster, Author, Professor, Speaker, Father and Husband

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