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Marauder Radio on TV

In-Flight Entertainment welcomes you to Marauder Radio starring Bob Zima, Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back. This podcast features the Bob’s quirky insights and lessons learned from having to reinvent, reboot and rebuild his life at least TWICE now…all due to the “Bullsh!t of Life.”

Bob Zima is a middle-aged, over-educated, under-employer, over-weight, guy who believes that when he tries less his life has more success. Bob is also a licensed clinical counselor and improvisational comedy graduate of Chicago’s famed Player’s Workshop of the Second City. So Marauder Radio is a roller-coaster ride of mental health ideas, treasure trove of inspirational rants and witty lampooning of the psychological and religious industries in ‘Merica. Bob’s HOOYA (Head Out Of Your Ass) humor therapy encourages all to engage in a cranium-rectum extraction then get busying having fun. Is it therapy or a situational comedy? Who knows! Laugh your ass off while you learn and improve the quality of your life.

Bob’s Pirate Radio on TV Web Series

For ‘Bob’cast episodes of Marauder Radio visit the podcast’s home page.


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