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What HEALING Really Is

Hard Work

I am fond of saying…

“when it comes to healing from the ‘bullshit of life’ there is a four-letter word ending in ‘k’ that best sums it all up”:

W O R K!

This little book is at times, INTENSE and even PAINFUL

Healing (which I also refer to as “grieving”) is not for wimps or the weak of heart. Truly healing the wounds of the past while managing the fears of what is yet to come is overwhelming. This is why grief and healing are often avoided and skipped when at all possible. And for good reason. Who in their right mind would engage in something that guarantees pain?

Prepare for a rough ride.

If healing was easy everyone would do it. Then at least the world would be rid of assholes and jerks and drunks and addicts and isolated people who take learned helplessness to new heights and…well you get the idea. 

Then, I’d be out of a career.

I’d be driving a cab.

This little book will be communal & real world in that you and I are interacting through this medium. We have an immediate connection, a community of two. Even though I completed the book and am probably on to other projects, you are now reading what I wrote some time ago. You may connect to the concepts I present through reading and understand the words printed on the page. You may think about what you are reading or have just read and digested. You may find and/or meaning to what you are reading or have just read. This interaction may alter your cognitive processing.

You, in an effort to heal, make connections to various people, places and things contained in your life. Thus when not reading the book and when connecting with people, places and things in your life may be reminded of something of which you read or interpreted as a result of your reading this little book. The book, you, me and your connections are all now aspects of your healing community. It takes a village.

There is no “secret” to healing. 

Healing is work. 

There is no answer the universe is going to “email” or “text” you if you toss a question or request out there in some intuitive like manner through the power of your mind. 

Let’s get real. 

We are wounded and become fearful in a real world and thus real world answers and options are needed. Connectivity to the real world of people, places and things is vital for healing to take root and grow.

This little book will be skill focused since genuine healing is all about finding the “things” (a.k.a. activities & connections) that work best for you. I attempt to teach you how to build then use a customized healing plan through the “trial and error” implementation of a variety of psychological fitness skills.  Skills/things: activities and connections that you and you alone select and put into action.

This little book will be educational as I am hoping that you learn something new about yourself and the Art of Healing simply by interacting with this small book THEN using your interaction to stimulate thought and a new perspective. At the end of the day, Hell is “between the ears.” How you take-in, reflect upon and apply meaning to the events of your life drives 99.9% of how you feel about your life!

Well, shit, make that 100%. 

I hate to say that anything is an absolute as I believe in miracles and the off-chance that something may buck the system and offer the world an “ah ha” moment; however when it comes to the Thinking-Feeling-Acting matrix, there is an absolute.

This little book will be entertaining as I am hoping that you laugh, are shocked, actually stop reading at times and think 

“hmmm, crap, never thought of that.”  or

“Shit, I have thought that before!”

Enjoy this little book because healing, as a standalone behavior, can and often does suck ass. We need humor in our healing plans for those plans to be successful.

Ready? Buckle up.


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