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About Me and My Style

As you may have already determined my writing style is rooted in the art of catharsis

a purging of pent-up and socially unacceptable cognitive and emotive tensions through artistic expression.

That means people, that my writing, radio shows and live stage presentations are roller coaster rides through my mind and soul and feature commentary denouncing my human folly of vice-driven behaviors leveraged and rolled-out all in the name and good faith of healing. You have just signed up for a cathartic mayhem of stream of conscious rants and raves about life, love, loss, sex, family, music, movies & hockey AND HEALING! 

I expose and comically explore the manner in which I interpret the world. 

I lampoon and parody the psychological and theological status quo which directly impacts the manner in which I interpret the world and thus directly effects my healing plan.

I boldly encourage myself, and thus others vicariously through my artistic expressions, get my head out of my ass and my ass off of the couch. So, I encourage you to get your head out of your ass and get your ass off of the couch.


To heal! 

And live a life desired and not only dreamed.

Come on people!

Live mentally well.

Enjoy the ride. Laugh often.


Counselor, Satirist, Podcaster, Author, Professor, Speaker, Father and Husband

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